Ask DORIS, our online database, for help with your stroke research for mobile site
The Database of Research in Stroke (DORIS) contains over 37,000 references to randomised controlled trials, controlled clinical trials and systematic reviews collected by the Cochrane Stroke Group in an easy to search study-based format.
The database contains completed, ongoing and planned trials, as well as links to current stroke guidelines. There are also links to relevant Cochrane reviews and protocols.
The DORIS website was updated regularly until funding for Cochrane Stroke ceased in March 2023.
DORIS was a Scottish initiative formed by a collaboration between the NMAHP Research Unit, the Cochrane Stroke Group and the James Lind Alliance. The development of DORIS was funded by the Scottish Government's National Advisory Committee for Stroke, March 2009-February 2012. The DORIS website was officially launched in December 2011 and responsibility for the project was passed to the Cochrane Stroke Group in June 2013.